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Why settle for less?


When skilled Swedish engineers developed a vinyl press in the 70s, they aimed for the era's cutting-edge technology, and created the world's first fully automatic record press with microcomputer control – in a time when computers were to be found only in large metal cabinets or lunar landers! No wonder that Toolex Alpha AD12 quickly became iconic. Now, with the same innovative mindset and many generations of the AD12 machine later, we are still the world leader offering you the market's most reliable, compact and efficient vinyl press.

In addition to the latest state-of-the-art Pheenix Alpha AD12 and machines for electroforming, we manufacture new presses and spare parts for both new and old Toolex Alpha machines. We also supply spare parts for Toolex CD and DVD equipment.

A Wide Range of Products for Your Vinyl Pressing

AD12 press photo
Dual plating Pheenix Alpha
Pheenix Alpha service staff
Pheenix Alpha service staff
Pheenix Alpha employee

New in Business or Years of Experience?

Whether you're a newcomer to vinyl pressing or a seasoned expert, we're here to assist you. We've been delivering fully automatic vinyl presses for decades, many of which are still operating today. Pheenix Alpha AD12 offers unparalleled reliability, boasting the market's best uptime. And if any challenges arise, we're here to help – getting you back on track is our priority.

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