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Pheenix Alpha AD12, vinyl press

The AD12 is a fully automatic press for production of vinyl records including safety cabinet. It embodies excellence in the world of automatic record presses and its entire construction is dedicated to the manufacturing of vinyl records. This pressing system is carefully crafted around the fundamental processes of vinyl record production, with its entire machine design dedicated to the art. The concept incorporates numerous original and ingenious ideas and inventions, effectively addressing critical challenges associated with automatic record pressing, including:

  • Streamlined operation

  • Precise centering

  • Reliable labeling

  • Secure unloading of records, even lightweight ones

  • Swift and effortless stamper replacement.

Fully Automatic Vinyl Press with Lots of Options

Part of Pheenix Alpha AD12, vinyl press
Pheenix Alpha AD12, vinyl press
Labeling - Pheenix Alpha AD12, vinyl press

AD12 Standard


The standard version of the AD12 is equipped with one output loading spindle for finished records. The press is also available in other configurations, such as an output spindle shifter version and a sleeving unit version. Learn more about the available options below. All AD12 versions come with these essential components:


The hydraulic pump unit is dedicated to one AD12 press.


This preplasticizing extruder melts the material, forming a cake within a cup controlled by air cylinders. Once filled, the cup opens, and air cylinders carry the cake, held by two ”fingers,” to the center of the press. Cake weight can be adjusted via the touch screen.


One set of moulds. All Pheenix Alpha moulds are produced according to Toolex Alpha's orginal specifications.

Moulds are available for different sizes and record weights. The moulds are made to fit in the AD12 automatic press and all moulds come with Toolex standard profile.

12″ mould for 180g records.

12″ mould for 140g records.

10″ mould

  7″ mould


Wear and tear parts, such as components for securing the stampers in the respective mold type, are available upon request.

AD12 Options

You can upgrade your AD12 in different configurations:


The sleeving unit includes an output station for automatic sleeve handling. It has two positions: one for loading empty sleeves and another for stacking records inside sleeves. The sleeving unit control system is fully integrated with the main machine.


Output spindle shifter with two output loading spindles and automatic spacer handling. The spindle shifter has three positions and a spacer-handling arm. Two positions are used for discs and one for spacers. The spindle shifter control system is fully integrated with the main AD12 machine.


The AD12 now offers you a semi automatic mode with the splatter loader add on. The splatter function opens up a world of creative options, allowing you to remove and prepare the cake for a burst of colour. 


Take collectors edition to the next level with our fully automatic picture disc AD12.  

Stand Alone Extruder

The standalone extruder is a great addition when paired with the splatter kit. Level up your creations with half-and-half color splits and sunbursts. Make two differently colored cakes to cut and blend or wrap a differently colored purge around the cake. The creative options are endless.

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