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New release

Label punch unit

We have first two units ordered and this is a semiautomatic punch unit.

Load by hand and punch with foot padel.  Only connect air and start recycle you 12“records.

Possible to punch with or without Waste material around the Vinyl.



7” Center hole punch unit AD12 Inline or standalone!


Inline center hole punch also available as standalone unit.

“Popular products”


Splatter kit! 

We have sold a number of this semi-automatic Splatter kits.

The cycle time is about 25 seconds so not significantly longer than the usual cycle time.

Watch the movie on our website/Instagram and see what wonderful records you can make - The only limit is your imagination.


Stand alone Extruder

 If you need to blend material or want to explore more possibilities to do Half/half Records with different colors.

We can sell you the Standalone extruder.

7” kit

Upgrade your machine with 7 “kit,

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